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PCS-XC1 Portable wireless HD video conferencing system

PCS-XC1 Portable wireless HD video conferencing system
PCS-XC1 Portable wireless HD video conferencing system thumbnail 1PCS-XC1 Portable wireless HD video conferencing system thumbnail 2PCS-XC1 Portable wireless HD video conferencing system thumbnail 3PCS-XC1 Portable wireless HD video conferencing system thumbnail 4
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อัพเดทล่าสุด 22 ม.ค. 2559
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  • Light, compact and highly portable

    Hold video conferences virtually anywhere, even in small meeting rooms where space is at a premium. The all-in-one design allows easy portability and quick set-up without specialist technical know-how.

  • High quality HD pictures, even in low light

    The camera's highly sensitive Exmor CMOS image sensor captures detailed HD video (720p) at a smooth 60 frames per second - even on dull days or in poorly lit meeting rooms. An optional Full HD (1080p) upgrade is available for even higher picture quality in critical applications.

  • Pan/tilt/zoom camera with wide field of view

    The pan/tilt/zoom camera can be controlled remotely with the supplied remote commander. The camera's wide maximum viewing angle ensures that every conference participant in the room can be seen clearly.

  • High quality pictures in any lighting conditions

    Sony's advanced View-DR technology expands dynamic range to accommodate extremes of contrast in the same scene, such as when the presenter's face is backlit by a sunny window.

  • Crisp, clear digital audio

    Connect the optional PCS-A1 omnidirectional microphone for capture crisp digital sound, with on-board echo cancelling to ensure that every conference participant is heard loud and clear.

  • High-efficiency coding and intelligent QoS

    The PCS-XC1 supports the highly efficient H.264 High Profile video coding scheme. Intelligent QoS (Quality of Service) adapts to network conditions, allowing a high-quality experience with fewer dropped frames and frozen pictures - even over low-bitrate network connections.

  • Easy wireless networking

    Wi-Fi capability (requires optional license) simplifies connection to any local wireless network (WLAN) in conference rooms, classrooms hotel suites or huddle spaces.

  • Simultaneous data sharing

    Enrich video conferences by sharing live presentations and other materials with SVGA quality from a connected PC. Data and the main video image can be viewed simultaneously on a single monitor at the remote site, with a choice of split-screen and PiP (Picture in Picture) options.

  • Record conferences on USB flash memory

    HD video and audio can be stored directly onto a USB flash memory device for easy sharing, with no need for any additional recording hardware.

  • HD streaming

    Broadcast conferences live to one or more remote sites, with Multicast or Unicast streaming of HD video and voice via USB.

  • Add video annotations

    Add an optional wireless pen and tablet to make live on-screen video annotations to slide presentations, documents and more.

  • One-touch dialling

    Just pick a contact from the integrated address book to launch a conference with a single touch.

  • Intuitive operation with handy remote

    It's easy to operate the PCS-XC1 via its intuitive user interface, using the supplied RFZ remote commander to launch conferences, control the camera and adjust other settings.

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